Welcome to Where the Love Lies

Where the Love Lies is an exploration and an invitation – to feel fiercely into the the depths of human emotion. Our mission is to expand our capacity to feel the full spectrum of emotions – joy, sorrow, anger, & grief – and to explore where, within each emotion, the love lies.

We are passionate people, deep feelers, courageous in our compassion for others and for ourselves. We believe in a world where speaking of our deepest pain is welcomed and applauded with the same warmth and care as sharing our greatest joys and accomplishments.

We believe in a world where conversations about loss, sorrow, and grief are shared amongst families, friends, and colleagues – without shame or fear. We believe that only through feeling fiercely the full spectrum of emotions, can we truly live & love.

Latest Posts

day. month. year.

On this day of this month two years ago. The last day with him. One month & one day from now two years ago. The first day without him. On this day of this month two years since. Unseen but sitting with me. One month & one day from now two years since. More present…

Grandpa’s Message

I’ve got a story for you. One that offers undeniable proof, to this heart & soul of mine, that those no longer in this physical realm are not lost to us. That if we open, we can connect to them, reach across the threshold of life and death and speak with them. So pull up…

Holiday Grief

 As I was setting up my little Christmas tree a few weeks ago, I happened to look at the small manila envelope containing my dad’s ashes. I picked up the envelope and sat down cross-legged under the tree. I stared at the envelope, reading the shiny label with his name neatly typed across it. Sitting…

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