Collection of Offerings

Holiday Grief

 As I was setting up my little Christmas tree a few weeks ago, I happened to look at the small manila envelope containing my dad’s ashes. I picked up the envelope and sat down cross-legged under the tree. I stared at the envelope, reading the shiny label with his name neatly typed across it. Sitting … Continue reading Holiday Grief

Waltz While You Can

Last year, I acted on a long-time fascination of the rite of childbirth and completed a volunteer labor doula program with the University of Vermont Medical Center. One of the most fascinating things I learned in the training is that after a child is born the flood of oxytocin released by the parent’s body makes … Continue reading Waltz While You Can

An Unbreakable Thread

Loving someone or something links us together throughout time and space. There is no “till death do us part” for death does not stop us from loving. Loving deeply forms a bond, a thread (a rope, an unbreakable chain) of connection that persists long after that which is loved is gone. When Loss comes through … Continue reading An Unbreakable Thread

Untitled Wave #1

It’s a dream of sorts, to have no where to be but home. It’s a luxury of sorts, to have time to rest and work, read and create in pace with the rhythms of my body. It’s a bummer of sorts, to not be physically near friends and loved ones. It’s a torment, for certain, … Continue reading Untitled Wave #1


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