About & Reach Out

Rachel believes that the feeling fiercely is key to a wholesome life

She is one who notices the subtle shifts of the seasons, just as she notices the tenuous experience of emotions moving through her body. She knows that our inner and outer worlds are inextricably connected, that healing one heals the other.

In 2015 Rachel completed a 6-month Embodied Leadership Training with HoneyRoot. Through the following 5 years of deepening her personal somatic practices, she has learned to lean towards her intuition and listen to the wisdom of her body in order to feel the full spectrum off emotions life has to offer.

In her blog, Rachel shares her revelations, her moments of wonder and worry and grief, her rich observations of the interplay of inner and outer landscapes. This blog, and her offerings of service, are a prayer that you, too, may find the courage to feel fiercely and live a wholesome life.

What are you feeling? What is moving in your inner and outer landscapes? In the current day & age, grief work is at the forefront of Rachel’s mind and very present in her personal practice. She is here for you – to listen, to witness, to act as an anchor as you navigate the waves that come with feeling fiercely.