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Life & death. Love & sorrow. These pairs make life beautiful.

Rachel is one who notices the subtle shifts of the seasons, just as she notices the tenuous experience of emotions moving through her body. She knows that our inner and outer worlds are inextricably connected, that healing one heals the other. She believes that in order to feel fully alive, we must learn to turn towards the uncomfortable feelings as often and as intimately as the ‘good’ feelings.

In 2015 Rachel completed a 6-month Embodied Leadership Training with HoneyRoot. Through the following 5 years of deepening her personal somatic practices, she has learned to lean towards her intuition and listen to the wisdom of her body in order to feel the full spectrum off emotions life has to offer.

In fall of 2020, her father died from ALS. Her experiences caring for him at the end of his life & grieving after he died broke open her heart – in the best way. He was and continues to be her guide and inspiration to support others through loss, death, dying, and grief of all kinds.

Throughout the winter of 2021 Rachel surfaced from her own apprenticeship with death/grief, only to dive back in, completing an 11 week, 111 hour Village Deathcare program.

Rachel is a death doula & grief guide. She’s also a home herbalist, gardener, and weaver.

In the current day & age, grief work is at the forefront of Rachel’s mind and very present in her personal practice. Whether you want to talk about death & dying, are actively grieving a loss or life change, or are just curious to learn more, please reach out below.